Tesla holds the top three spots for the best electric cars in America., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
Tesla holds the top three spots for the best electric cars in America., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

Tesla holds the top three spots for the best electric cars in America in 2022, and the competition is nowhere near. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

The U.S. lags far behind Europe and China in electrifying the car market. A number of factors are at play, including weaker incentives and preference for pickups, a segment that is about to be electrified.

But we’re starting to see a significant increase in Electric Vehicle adoption over the past year, and the last quarter was particularly important for Electric Vehicle adoption in the U.S.

Electric vehicle deliveries in the U.S. up 29% year over year, according to CARB.

Now, Experian has released more data to give us a better look at the most popular electric vehicles in the US this year:

Tesla Model Y: 52,051

Tesla Model 3: 47,682

Tesla Model S: 9,250

Ford Mustang Mach-E: 6,957

Hyundai Ioniq 5: 6,265

Kia EV6: 4,901

Tesla Model X: 4,899

Nissan Leaf: 4,401

Kia Niro Electric: 3,549

Volkswagen ID4: 2,926

As you can see, Tesla holds the top 3 spots for most popular electric cars in the US, and the top two vary in quantity.

The Model S ranks third, with more than 9,000 units shipped in the first quarter of 2022, 33 percent more than the fourth-placed Mustang Mach-E, even though the former may sell for twice as much on average.

It’s important to note, however, that these numbers do not represent demand for these vehicles, but rather the production capacity or U.S. allocation for each vehicle.

Most of the vehicles on this list have new order delivery wait times of 4 to 12 months, but they are subject to production restrictions, and for vehicles like the Ioniq 5 and EV6, they are subject to allocations at Hyundai’s U.S. dealerships.

Tesla was an early investor in the mass production of its electric vehicles — giving it a huge head start, as more than 70 percent of all electric vehicles in the U.S. are produced by the automaker now based in Texas.

Speaking of Texas, Tesla is still investing heavily in manufacturing at its Gigafactory Texas in Austin, aimed at helping increase Model Y deliveries in the US and extending its lead in electric SUVs.

Tesla is expected to remain the sole leader until other electric vehicles such as the Ford F-150 Lightning flood the market next year.

Tesla Inc has delayed plans to return production at its Shanghai factory to pre-COVID-19 levels by at least a week, according to an purported internal memo.

The U.S. electric-car maker initially hoped to increase production at its Shanghai plant to 2,600 vehicles a day from May 16.

But the latest memo said it plans to stick to one shift this week at its Shanghai plant, which makes about 1,200 units a day. It also said it now aims to increase production to 2,600 vehicles a day from May 23.

Tesla still faces the challenge of doubling the number of workers who live and sleep near production lines to maintain closed-loop operations.

Businesses in Shanghai can only reopen under this arrangement, which requires workers to quarantine.

Supply is also uncertain as suppliers’ factories and logistics in Shanghai and surrounding areas have yet to return to normal.

One day last week, Tesla’s Shanghai plant was running well below capacity, pointing to the problems the factory is facing as it tries to ramp up output amid tightening COVID-19 lockdowns.

Shanghai aims to fully reopen and allow normal life to resume from June 1, an official in Shanghai said on Monday, after 15 of the city’s 16 counties had eliminated cases outside the quarantine zone.

On Sunday, Tesla shipped more than 4,000 Chinese-made vehicles from a port in Shanghai to Belgium, the second batch of exports since the Shanghai factory resumed operations on April 19, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.

Tesla’s Shanghai manufacturing centre produces Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for domestic sales and export.

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Tesla holds the top three spots for the best electric cars in America., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
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