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American startup debuts energy storage system


American startup debuts energy storage system.

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American startup Franklin Whole Home has developed an integrated battery and control system with artificial intelligence. It’s inverter-agnostic and can be used to charge electric vehicle batteries and turn homes into microgrids when utility service goes down.

The system was designed in the United States by Franklin Whole Home in San Francisco, with a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. The FranklinWH system integrates a lithium iron phosphate “aPower” battery with artificial intelligence as part of the included aGate intelligent control system.

The company says the 13.6 KWh battery is compatible with any PV inverter technology and can be connected to existing solar systems. It can be expanded up to 15 units with a total capacity of 204 kWh. Its black-start feature creates a microgrid for the home in the event of a power failure.

The AI ​​capabilities in the aGate control system enable it to manage complex load scenarios. Not only does this protect the main panel, it also allows homeowners to integrate three additional large loads, such as HVAC, pool heating or electric vehicle charging. The app prompts homeowners to modify electricity usage when needed, or, thanks to its smart export feature, sends electricity back to the grid at peak rates.

Franklin Whole Home says no assembly is involved, noting that home electrical panels do not need to be upgraded. Additionally, aGate’s advanced monitoring capabilities help installers pinpoint and resolve faults remotely. Franklin Home Power Solutions come with a 12-year warranty and DNV’s Bankability Report. A single unit costs about $10,000.

Founded in 2019, the company has a team of leading storage and power electronics experts. It has more than 30 patents pending.

FranklinWH is a research-driven company focused on next-generation residential energy storage solutions with energy management. The founding team has an average of 20+ years of professional background in the top 100 companies in related industries, and has rich experience in deploying large-scale projects for the world’s top fortune 500 customers.

With increasing reliance on consumer electronics and smart devices, as well as increasing energy costs and the frequency of natural disasters, we can no longer rely solely on the traditional grid. Therefore, Franklin WH provides its customers with a contactless smart whole-home backup power and load control solution, presenting a safe and reliable experience of complete autonomy.

They believe innovation is inspired by talent. 70%+ employees are R&D engineers, 50%+ have a master’s degree, and have 20+ energy storage patents and more than 150 team patents in power electronics, storage, BMS and related fields, and more are pending.

Investors in Franklin WH include key players with a background in Tier 1 battery manufacturing and the world’s top venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital. They have a huge presence in the supply chain, with GW of Tier 1 LFP cells, so we can bring the most valuable products to market.

Their mission and vision is to accelerate along the path of safer, more reliable and smarter home energy solutions, adhering to the philosophy of “Innovation, Ascendancy, Sincerity” to create value for everyone. They want to build a new ecology of energy technology.

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American startup debuts Energy Storage System
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