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Protect your Electric Vehicle charger from theft. Six tips.


Protect your Electric Vehicle charger from theft. Six tips.

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Protect your Car charger as thefts are expected to rise as the use of electric vehicles increases, automotive experts have warned.

As electric vehicles become more common on our roads, automotive experts have warned that Electric Vehicle charger theft could soar over the next decade.

There are currently around 400,000 electric cars and 750,000 hybrids on the road – and after 2030, all new cars will be electric.

Car experts at Leasing Options say the cost of replacing a charger can be as high as £700 and the proliferation of electric vehicles will increase the likelihood of theft.

The cost of replacing a catalytic converter – another favourite of thieves – could exceed the current £10m a year. Many scrap and recycling companies are also seeing more and more questions about Electric Vehicle chargers, mostly about how much they’re willing to pay for them. The scrap value of the material in the cable is around £50. Also, used chargers are available for around £200.

Mike Thompson, chief operating officer of Leasing Options, said: “While there are no official figures on the theft of electric vehicle chargers, it is a growing crime. So much so that the Association of British Underwriters says premiums could go up. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for a thief to pick up a charging cable, especially while charging. Software experts also point out that some Electric Vehicle chargers have cybersecurity flaws that mean they can be accessed remotely to unlock charging points.

“Obviously, this is not good news for Electric Vehicle owners. However, Electric Vehicle owners can take some additional steps to protect their Electric Vehicle chargers from attack. This includes removing the charger from the car at night, installing Dashcams and use of padlocks.”

While it’s not always possible to charge at home, it’s an obvious and easy way to reduce theft. Additionally, installing a charging station on your property provides an extra layer of security from prying eyes. Whenever possible, choose to use the charger in a garage or away from street views.

Protect your Electric Vehicle charger from theft.

Padlocks are one of the best ways to deter thieves and can be used for cables. Also, many Electric Vehicles have a circuit that protects your locks while charging. In some cases, depending on your wheel, you can run the cable through the wheel and attach the padlock to the cable.

While some cables can be stolen from your boots when not in use, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Instead, choose a safe box to store unused power cords to make it harder for opportunists.

The boot or trunk is the easiest place to store the charger. However, this is also where the thieves are most obvious and the first to look. So instead of leaving it in the car overnight, take it out and store it safely inside until you need it again. This can be a little inconvenient, but saves an expensive replacement.

Dashcams aren’t just great for increasing safety on the road – they’re great at stopping unwanted distractions while you’re parked. Choose a camera that works when the car is off and charging, so any contact with nearby vehicles will be captured. While it may not stop someone from stealing the cable, you may be able to see the criminal well, which can help the police.

Electric vehicle charger theft occurs when people are away and at home, so install video surveillance near charging areas for added security. This can help identify unwelcome guests, but it can also prevent them from carrying chargers with them.

Electric Vehicle Association has named its first executive director.

The Electric Vehicle Association of England (EVA) has appointed James Court as its first Chief Executive Officer, effective 22 March 2022.

Court worked in the Cabinet Office, responsible for the UK’s COP26 transport policy and helped set up the UK’s Climate Group.

Before that, he was Director of Policy and Communications at the renewable energy trade body Renewable Energy Association, leading the work of electric vehicle charging companies and manufacturers.

Bridget Phelps, Chairman of Electric Vehicle Association England, said: “James is a passionate advocate for electric vehicles with over 15 years of experience in the environment, energy and transport sectors. He will continue to develop us for our members services and work with them to have a voice in electric vehicle policy development and the rapid adoption of zero-emission vehicles.”

Court added: “The UK’s roads have undergone a silent revolution over the past five years, with more than 400,000 electric vehicles now on the road, as drivers recognise the convenience and low running costs of electric vehicles. I couldn’t come to Electric Vehicle Association England at a more exciting time as Electric Vehicle ownership is becoming mainstream and EVs are becoming the obvious choice for people’s next car purchase.

I look forward to increasing membership benefits, offering exclusive benefits and cost savings, and being a great resource for Electric Vehicle Association England members.

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Six ways to protect your Electric Vehicle charger from theft.
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