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ZEV mandates ‘vital’ for transition to electrified transport in the UK.

New Automotive has announced that the implementation of an effective Zero Emissions Vehicle directive will be “vital” to sustain electric vehicle momentum.

The Electric Vehicle Consultants’ State of the Switch 2022 report finds that the number of electric vehicles in the UK grew rapidly in 2022. Sales of electric vans also surged last year, increasing their market share to 6 percent from 4 percent in 2021.

While the figures are encouraging, the report shows that fossil fuel vehicles will still account for four in five new registrations by 2022, and warns that 2023 will be critical to meeting the government’s 2030 electric vehicle target.

To achieve this, the report calls for an ambitious ZEV mandate to support the transition to EVs, rather than simply implementing a “backstop”.

“2022 was a historic year for the transition to greener, cleaner transport in the UK. Electric cars provided the only growth in sales in the UK car market, as more and more motorists made the switch to access the running-cost savings EVs offer,” said CEO of New Automotive, Ben Nelmes.

“The final consultations for the UK’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate are due to take place imminently. These discussions are of critical importance, as the final form of the mandate will be crucial to delivering a timely and equitable transition to electric vehicles that benefits all motorists, as well as UK business.

“The UK government must not delay the implementation of the mandate or water down targets – doing so will only delay motorists’ access to the running cost savings that come from switching to an electric car. An ambitious mandate would ensure the supply of EVs – both vans and cars – to the UK, reducing waiting times and reducing upfront costs, and thus driving the country’s EV transition to new heights.

“Any watering down of targets would simply reward manufacturers that are failing to electrify, and slow down the pace of the transition. In 2023, the government must drive forward and capitalise on the significant momentum the transition has built up. Neither complacency nor vested interests can be allowed to slow down the journey to electrified transport.”

New Automotive also noted in its previous report, The Road to 2030, that ZEV mandates will be key to removing barriers to Electric Vehicle charging adoption.

Banbury open one of ‘UK’s largest Electric Vehicle charging hubs’

InstaVolt has added eight 150kW Alpitronic chargers to its eight 125kW charging stations at Stroud Park in Banbury, and has announced plans to install a further 16 in the coming weeks.

There have also been several upgrades to the charging stations, including additional lighting, a wider charging area and two larger areas to accommodate the growing number of electric delivery vehicles and fleets.

A small meadow is planned to increase biodiversity.

“The conveyancing has involved a new lease, legal documentation to surrender part of the lease and grant a lease to a substation company. We also had to put in place the granting of easements to the two separate electricity companies supplying the charging hub – one to the ‘last mile’ company and one to the distribution network operator, Western Power. This was at each phase of the scheme – the initial eight, second eight, and then finally for the next 16 charging points,” explained the head of business property for Lodders, the law firm partnering with Stroud Park Ltd.

In a UK driver survey conducted by Zap-Map last year, InstaVolt was voted the third best rapid charging network based on driver satisfaction.

FLEETCOR has announced the acquisition of electric vehicle charging company Mina.

Payments and management company FLEETCOR Technologies confirmed 1 February that it has acquired home Electric Vehicle charging software company Mina.

The acquisition follows a successful partnership between the two companies to provide home charging solutions for the UK commercial fleet.

FLEETCOR customers now benefit from a simplified and automated reimbursement process as Mina software collects, calculates and pays for at home business use charging directly to the service provider.

This should allow a smooth transition to electric vehicles for commercial fleets.

Ron Clarke, chairman and chief executive officer, FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc said: “It’s a fascinating company that’s built software integrations into virtually all the UK Electric Vehicle charging hardware suppliers and electric utility providers. That makes at-home Electric Vehicle charging and reimbursement incredibly simple for employees and employers”.

The announcement follows FLEETCOR’s acquisition of the Electric Vehicle software and network provider, Plugsurfing in September 2022.

New chargepoints to benefit 50% of households in Leatherhead that can’t charge at home.

Seven new Electric Vehicle charging stations provided by British Electric Vehicle installer 3ti at the Riverbridge House business centre in Leatherhead are now open to the public and residents on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The charging stations were originally designed as workplace charging stations for Riverbridge residents, but have since been opened up for public use, benefiting the 50 percent of local households who do not have access to Electric Vehicle charging at home.

Residents can now use any CCTV-monitored and well-lit charging station for 22kW fast charging. 3ti has confirmed that charge points provide optimal charging for vehicles parked for two hours or more.

“This is a timely opportunity to support clients, local residents and visitors to the area with convenient, accessible and most importantly, reliable Electric Vehicle charging facilities,” said Tim Evans, 3ti’s founder and CEO.

“We have seen the demand for workplace Electric Vehicle charging for our own business and the 30-plus other businesses at Riverbridge House, increase dramatically over the past 12 months. This mirrors the growth of the electric vehicle market as a whole as drivers switch to cleaner, quieter, more economical and less polluting forms of transport.

“But we also know that around half of households in the UK can’t charge an Electric Vehicle at home, which makes the availability of reliable, reasonably priced charging facilities nearby, or at their workplace, a major factor when considering a switch from a petrol or diesel vehicle. Making the Riverbridge House charge points available to local residents and visitors to the area makes that decision easier for them.”

A report from New Automotive last week showed Electric Vehicle charging rollout figures were on track to meet government targets; however, the report warned that industry uncertainty about future Electric Vehicle demand remained a “major obstacle”.

Paradoxically, charging point disparity is a major stumbling block for potential Electric Vehicle customers and therefore a key player in the future of EVs.

“We are taking various steps to sustain and improve our leafy surroundings,” said Susan Hook, director at Riverbridge House Business Centre.

“We desperately need more widespread charging infrastructure if the UK is to support its growing number of Electric Vehicle drivers. We have been amazed at how frequently the charge points are in use during the day, and it makes sense to offer Electric Vehicle drivers public access to this facility when spaces are available. This approach complements our recent decision to adopt EMMA AI technology to monitor our energy usage as part of an ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon emissions”.

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