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One of the largest electric vehicle charging stations in the north has opened in York – almost a year late.

The Monks Cross Hyperhub Electric vehicle charging station is located next to the Park and Ride area and includes 38 charging points.

York City Council said the hub would not charge for electricity “for a limited time” to encourage residents and visitors to use the facility.

Deputy leader, Councillor Andy D’Agorne, said it would “help to reduce emissions and improve York’s air quality”, supporting the city’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The project, in partnership with EvoEnergy, was affected by delays, with an initial opening date set for July last year.

The committee blamed delays in finalizing commercial and contractual agreements and said no additional costs were incurred as a result.

Issues of dealing with utilities and connecting the hub to the National Grid also played a role, the head of the council said last month.

Poppleton’s second hub is scheduled to open in the summer.

Monks Cross has four 175kW ultra-fast chargers (upgradeable to 350kW if the vehicle charging demand is worth it), four 50kW fast chargers, and 30 7kW park-and-ride chargers in an adjacent area.

Ultra-fast chargers can get many of the latest electric cars charged 100 miles in 10 minutes. The 7kW charger is designed to allow drivers to charge for extended periods of time while using Park & ​​Ride or shopping nearby.

Charging points do not require a minimum fee and can be paid for using contactless.

The centre also features a solar roof, allowing the site to generate its own renewable energy, which can be stored in Tesla Powerpack batteries in the charging centre to support the grid.

The council said 80% of the £2.2 million HyperHubs project was funded by external sources.

Council leader Councillor Keith Aspden said: “The new Hyperhubs not only offer sustainability, convenience and speed but are also one of the cheapest places in the UK for rapid and ultra rapid charging (25 pence per kWh).

“Our electric vehicle charging strategy and work with EvoEnergy are key to the success of this project. The Hyperhubs are just the latest part of city wide work to support more sustainable travel and our efforts to make York cleaner and greener.”

Jonathan Roper, senior design engineer at EvoEnergy added: “The York HyperHubs, with elements such as rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, solar energy generation and battery storage, act as a technology showcase.

“Combined with GridBeyond’s management of the battery for participation in grid balancing services, the sites actually help to strengthen the electricity grid and will allow the latest electric vehicles – and the next generation of Electric Vehicles – to charge in a hassle-free way, helping to reduce emissions from road transport in York.”

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Electric vehicle charging station opens in York.
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