Electric Vehicle Charging: What Fleet Managers Need to Know.

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The recent excitement around electric vehicles in the fleet market cannot be ignored.

Despite the potential of electric vehicles to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, fleet managers are still struggling to find the right balance between charging infrastructure, convenience and cost.

Fleet managers looking to transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric or hydrogen-fueled vehicles need to consider the capabilities and needs of their fleets, and while their goals and needs differ, the industry agrees on one thing: there are not enough charging stations.

The availability of acceptable EVs with sufficient range is limited and the lack of charging stations is a major obstacle for fleet managers considering the transition, as there are hardly enough public charging stations and many of the available charging stations are not in good working condition.

Additionally, fleets may find it difficult to rely on the public charging network for day-to-day operations, as it may be unreliable and inconveniently located.

However, there is hope. Fleets can move from unreliable and inconvenient public charging networks to more reliable and cost-effective charging solutions based on their own property, while connecting to the public grid on demand by investing in full-service Electric Vehicle chargers.

Fleets can charge their vehicles whenever it suits them thanks to full-service Electric Vehicle charging, which gives them access to their own private charging network.

In this way, fleets do not have to rely on ageing public infrastructure and always have access to the charging stations they need.

Additionally, full-service Electric Vehicle charging allows fleets to choose how they want their vehicles charged.

These include choosing how much and when to draw power from the grid, which allows some cars to charge faster than others, and how much of the energy they use is renewable, helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

It allows fleet managers to link their route planning to the in-cab charging network, instantly see how much energy each driver is using at what time, with what vehicle and on what route, and maximize their revenue.

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Full-service charging can handle driver and customer service requests, comprehensively analyze the usage and performance of existing charging points, and improve future planning, provide open interfaces to connect different types of charging stations and enable data exchange with other company systems.

For fleets looking to transition to EVs, full-service Electric Vehicle charging is the best option overall.

Electric car owners could save £1,000 a year.

As well as reliable access to charging stations, it also gives customers the freedom to choose how they want their car charged, reducing costs and emissions.

Full-service Electric Vehicle charging should be at the top of a fleet manager’s list of criteria, not just the seemingly cheapest option when planning to switch to EVs.

Electric vehicles can play a key role in stabilizing the grid.

When you have reliable access to charging points and the flexibility to customize your charging solution, you can ensure your fleet has the charging infrastructure it needs to operate efficiently.

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Electric Vehicle Charging: What Fleet Managers Need to Know.
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