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Experts have called for government and private sector investment in the UK to make the country a powerhouse in the development of electric vehicle battery technology.

There have been calls in recent years for the gigafactories to be established around the UK to boost the transition to electric vehicles and battery technology. In 2022, publicly announced investment for the vehicle manufacturing sector reached a total of £4.5billion, with major new commitments to electrification in Crewe and Merseyside.

That’s down slightly from the potential £4.9bn announced in 2021, which includes plans to develop a new battery gigafactory in the West Midlands.

Alastair Cassels, Head of Automotive Advisory at MHA, suggested that more investment should be made in the UK to ensure gigafactories make a meaningful contribution to the economy.

He said: “In order to remain internationally competitive, the UK needs more domestic battery production.

“Investments in gigafactories, battery and recycling facilities will enable UK producers to create Electric Vehicle products that are more affordable for modest incomes and reduce our reliance on imported Chinese batteries.

“It is also crucial that the UK develops its own domestic batteries and energy storage as the geopolitical battleground for these commodities grows.”

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the UK car industry will need at least 60 GWh of local batteries by 2030.

The target would support the assembly of 1 million new vehicles per year, down from the current capacity of 1.3 million.

“Ultimately, the UK remains in danger of falling behind the US and European neighbours in terms of investment in Electric Vehicle technology.

“The Government must use the Spring Budget to boost confidence in the sector and reinforce its pledge of decarbonising the transport sector.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt is due to unveil the government budget next week, with experts speculating on whether additional funding will be provided to transform the UK into an electric car superpower.

In January, Britishvolt, went into insolvency proceedings, with around 300 staff being axed.

Collapse of Britishvolt could lead to exodus of electric car industry.

The company had planned to build a £3.8bn Gigafactory in Blythe, Northumberland, which would produce batteries for electric vehicles.

Ministers have called the site an opportunity to “level up” to show the UK is serious about its future as a zero-emissions car manufacturer.

Still, the company struggled with funding and construction goals before finally succumbing to administration.

Mining tycoon Andrew Forrest unveils new battery factory.

Australian start-up Recharge Industries took over the collapsed company after a deal was struck in late February.

Ginny Buckley, founder and CEO of, said the move was a positive, but other factors needed to be addressed.

She said: “While the acquisition of Britishvolt by Australian start-up Recharge Industries is good news for the green energy transition thanks to its plan to produce, it would appear to do very little to help secure the future of the UK’s car industry.

UK offers lifeline to electric cars with £1bn new gigafactory.

“Recharge Industries’ plan only mentions the production of batteries for high-performance vehicles and there is no mention of supplying mass-market affordable electric vehicles. Because of this, the UK risks losing its competitive edge on the global stage as production electrifies.”

Ms Buckley warned it would be “bad news” for the UK car industry, which has been “faltering” as Nissan is now the only mainstream company producing electric cars in the UK.

Future electric car batteries can be fully charged in 3 minutes.

The expert warned that the country was at serious risk of becoming an “assembly line” that simply put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, rather than leading the way in battery production.

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Britain needs gigafactories to reduce dependence on China.