Ambitious Electric Vehicle mandate will achieve net zero., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
Ambitious Electric Vehicle mandate will achieve net zero., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

Ambitious Electric Vehicle mandate will achieve net zero. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

Conservative MPs have urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak not to jeopardize the transition to electric cars with ambitious green driving targets.

The British government is currently considering plans to set targets for manufacturers to sell more zero-emission vehicles, with some carmakers pushing for weaker targets. The ZEV mandate has been hailed as one of the key actions the government can take to ensure the UK meets its net zero emissions target.

Two Conservative MPs are now discussing the importance of the ambitious task for automakers to help reduce the cost of electric vehicles.

It is hoped that this will also support the development of the Electric Vehicle charging network, as well as investment and growth across the country.

A recent report by the Green Alliance think tank titled “Green Boost” highlights the role of ZEV mandates in reducing the cost of electric vehicle ownership.

The report cites analysis showing that increased sales of new electric cars could now benefit owners of used cars and help them save up to £2,300 compared to diesel or petrol equivalents.

Rother Valley Conservative MP Alexander Stafford spoke to the Green Alliance about ZEV and how it could benefit the UK’s environmental goals.

He said: “Charging up the UK’s electric vehicle industry will deliver for levelling up and net zero.

“If delivered with true ambition, the Government’s ZEV mandate will speed up our transition to electric and bring fresh investment, employment and growth across areas like the Midlands and North”.

It follows Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement which included plans to introduce the first Vehicle Tax (VED) on electric cars by 2025.

From the second year of registration they switch to the standard VED rate, currently £165 per annum.

According to the Treasury’s impact assessment, it will bring in £515m in 2025-26, £985m in 2026-27 and a whopping £1,595m in 2027-28.

Don Valley Conservative MP Nick Fletcher also urged Rishi Sunak not to jeopardize the electric car revolution by discouraging drivers from using cleaner vehicles.

He said the UK was already a world leader in electric vehicles in many ways.

He cited the vast public charging network, one of the largest in Europe, with EVs making up around 16 percent of sales.

Mr Fletcher added: “Even though electric vehicles are getting cheaper and cheaper, and lots of drivers rightfully want to swap their old petrol vehicle for an electric one, there’s still lots of people in my constituency that can’t afford to pay the upfront cost.

“Getting ahead of the curve with an ambitious ZEV mandate on carmakers would ensure market certainty and bring down the costs for electric vehicles for consumers.”

There were 35,778 Electric Vehicle charging points across 21,378 charging devices across the UK by the end of October 2022.

According to Zap-Map, this equates to a 35% increase in the number of chargers since October 2021.

Earlier this month, a group of British organizations wrote an open letter to the government calling for zero-emission vehicles to be made mandatory.

The letter, addressed to business secretary Grant Shapps and transport secretary Mark Harper, called on the government to “demonstrate climate leadership” in decarbonizing road transport.

It was said that an ambitious ZEV mandate would “guarantee a minimum proportion of electric vehicles on the road from 2024 and provide a clear signal and trajectory to infrastructure investors to accelerate the charge-point roll-out”.

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Ambitious Electric Vehicle mandate will achieve net zero., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!