Xpeng G9 will launch as the world's "fastest charging" electric SUV.

Xpeng G9 will launch as the world’s “fastest charging” electric SUV. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

The new flagship of the Chinese brand operating in Europe supports charging speeds of up to 480 kilowatts.

Chinese electric car maker Xpeng Motors has unveiled the G9 SUV, a new flagship model that will be the fastest-charging mass-produced SUV on the market, the company said.

According to Xpeng, the G9 is also the first mass-produced car in China to use 800 Volt silicon carbide batteries, which can be charged at speeds of up to 480 kilowatts when using the company’s 480 kilowatt S4 booster station.

This means that under ideal conditions, the model can achieve a range of up to 124 miles in about 5 minutes, and charge from 10% to 80% in 15 minutes.

Using the China Light Vehicle Test Cycle, the Chinese equivalent of WLTP – Xpeng claims a range of up to 436 miles for the top-spec version. On the WLTP loop, the range is between 285 and 354 miles.

The G9 rides on double-wishbone front suspension and five-link rear suspension, and there are six rear- and all-wheel-drive powertrain configurations.

Rear-wheel-drive models produce 308 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque, while top-of-the-line four-wheel-drive models produce up to 543 horsepower and 528 lb-ft of torque, enabling the 0-62 miles per hour sprint in just 3.9 seconds .

Xpeng said the G9 is also the first car to use its advanced second-generation “full-scene” driver assistance system, which uses lidar, 31 sensors and a front-facing camera to detect obstacles.

Voice assistant functionality is also standard, responding to up to 600 commands from various parts of the cabin. Trunk capacity is 660 litres, 117 litres more than a similarly sized Volkswagen ID 4, which increases to 1576 litres with the rear seats folded.

Xpeng CEO He Xiaopeng said: “The G9 is the world’s fastest-charging mass-production SUV and boasts the industry’s first full-scenario advanced driver assistance system. This is topped off with a dual-chamber air suspension system and a luxurious smart cabin that includes a groundbreaking 5D music experience we call Xopera.

“G9 is a fusion of many technical innovations woven together into an elegant design and marks a significant milestone after eight years of dedication… We believe it will become the new benchmark for smart Electric Vehicles, representing the last step before the realisation of truly autonomous vehicles.”

Deliveries for the Chinese market are scheduled to start in October, followed by a European launch. Xpeng’s plans to enter the UK market haven’t been ruled out – so it’s possible the G9 could eventually go on sale in the UK as a rival to similarly designed family Electric Vehicles like the Audi E-tron, BMW iX3 and Ford Mustang Mach E.

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Xpeng G9 will launch as the world's "fastest charging" electric SUV.
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