Big UK plans to expand charging infrastructure for electric vehicles., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

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Electric vehicle charging management platform Monta plans to expand in the UK after raising €30 million.

The company has a UK office in Hammersmith, London, with seven staff dedicated to sales, technical support and marketing.

“In just over a year we’ve signed several big partnerships with UK charge point manufacturers and installers, and a strong central team supports our UK team from Copenhagen and the rest of Europe,” Monta co-founder and CEO Casper Rasmussen said.

“Although we only opened for business in the UK in July 2021, it’s rapidly become one of our biggest growth markets. The UK is one of the leading innovators of electric vehicle technology, and we’re planning big things in the country in the foreseeable future.”

Despite a more than 65% increase in Electric Vehicle sales in Europe in 2021 compared to 2020, the lack of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure remains one of the biggest barriers to mass adoption.

Not only does Europe allegedly need to build nearly 3,000 new public charging points per week to reach its goal of 1 million charging points by 2025, but the highly fragmented ecosystem of charging point operators and owners tends to hinder customer experience.

Monta provides an all-in-one Electric Vehicle charging platform that simplifies the deployment, use and management of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

Charging station owners have full visibility into charging station usage, prices, access and transactions. For Electric Vehicle drivers, Monta offers booking, virtual queuing and payment capabilities, as well as access to public charging stations, all on one platform.

“The UK has strong ambitions around decarbonising transport, but it currently lacks government policy support to really help grow Electric Vehicle adoption,” continues Rasmussen.

“In terms of innovation, accessibility, and quantity, the charging infrastructure in the UK is far behind where it needs to be to support the ambition of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered vehicles by 2030.

“To help speed things along, we’re aiming to make driving an Electric Vehicle easier and more attractive to the UK by providing technology-led charging solutions. Our charging platform helps drivers charge at home, at work, and on the go using just one app rather than the 10 different ones drivers currently have to rummage through.

“We’re also helping installers and site owners manage their charge points as an asset, giving them the flexibility to monetise, measure, and share with Electric Vehicle owners.

“The UK is an important growth market to Monta and the wider Electric Vehicle industry which we’re excited to support long in the future.”

The Series A+ round was led by Energize Ventures, a leading global investment management firm accelerating digital innovation in energy and sustainability, with participation from returning investors Creandum, Pale Blue Dot, byFounders and Headline.

The company will use the additional investment to expand into new markets, including North America, while strengthening its position in the UK, Scandinavia and Germany, all of which will ban by law in 2025, 2030 and 2035 Sales of new Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, respectively.

To further support the needs of the EU and US which have set a target of 50% of vehicle sales being Electric Vehicle by 2030, Monta will enhance its product innovation and develop key features to seamlessly connect Electric Vehicle drivers and charging Site owners.

Going forward, Monta is looking to expand its product development to include grid management services as more electric vehicles hit the road.

Ultimately, the company wants to facilitate the sale of surplus electricity back to the grid (V2G), manage interoperability with other zero-carbon technologies (V2H, V2X), support the creation of local energy markets, and allow end users to own their own energy consumption.

“The ability to take advantage of these new opportunities requires changes in information flows among grid devices as well as innovations in communication and coordination tools that increase the observability, predictability, and controllability of the grid,” said Rasmussen.

“The societal impact and environmental potential of these technologies are massive. Monta is at the forefront of developing the systems needed to monitor and reward this flexibility to create an equitable energy solution for all Electric Vehicle drivers.”

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Big UK plans to expand charging infrastructure for electric vehicles., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!