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E-Prix Jaguar Formula E drivers urge motorists to ‘try electric cars’


E-Prix Jaguar Formula E drivers urge motorists to ‘try electric cars’. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

On the eve of the 2022 London E-Prix this weekend, the Jaguar TCS racer has a simple message for British motorists: you’ll be driving an electric car in the future, so go to a dealer and try it out.

Jaguar TCS Racing’s Mitch Evans is currently third in the Formula E World Championship and is looking to score more points at this weekend’s London E-Prix by racing similar electric single-seaters against Porsche and Mercedes. “I’m not sure what the main focus is, but the main thing is to try.

“A lot of people are impressed once they’ve driven an Electric Vehicle; the power produced is super-impressive. And we’re still at the start of it all – the research and development is progressing at a very fast rate.”

“Try it and be very surprised,” said Evans.

Since Jaguar entered the FIA ​​Formula E World Championship five years ago, a number of technical improvements at the race level have affected its road-ready powertrain and extended the I-Pace EV’s range by around 20 kilometers or 12 miles on a single charge thanks to better thermal management and software.

Insights from the racing team and the development of a ‘Predictive Energy Optimisation System’ have resulted in a 10% increase in the daily driving efficiency of Jaguar’s plug-in hybrids.

Jaguar TCS Racing team principal and CEO James Barclay has said that Formula E has two goals: to provide top-notch, fun motorsport in relation to the transition to zero emissions, and to promote the benefits of electric vehicles.

Although the series is more restrictive than Formula 1, Formula E teams are allowed to develop components that “move the car forward and make it more efficient” such as electric motors, inverters, software, rear suspension and the sport’s Competitiveness means fast development – five powertrains were developed over six seasons, all in the time it usually takes to develop a new road car.

“Let’s face it – in the very near future every single person will have to be driving an Electric Vehicle if they want to get about.

“That’s why Jaguar has committed by 2025 to go fully electric with all of its production line,” added British racing driver Sam Bird, who is competing alongside teammate Evans for Jaguar TCS Racing, which is currently 4th in the team championship.

Bird says that once consumers stop worrying about range because of the proliferation of fast chargers, they can easily be attracted by performance.

“When we can get charging times right down, everybody will be moving towards an electric vehicle. Why wouldn’t you? Look at fuel prices right now.”

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