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Vital Electric Vehicle has announced a variant of the Kempower Electric Vehicle charger.

Vital Electric Vehicle has announced that 1000 Volt and 400 kilowatt variants of its Kempower electric vehicle charger will be available in the third quarter of 2022.

The new variant uses liquid-cooled cables to handle the increased current and, depending on various factors, can charge a conventional electric truck with a 260 kilowatt hour battery (10 to 80 percent) in less than 30 minutes.

Liam Campbell, marketing manager at Vital Electric Vehicle, said: “Both models are crucial to reducing charging times, which is particularly beneficial to vehicles with larger batteries like heavy-duty commercial vehicles.”

The new model increases the power-to-footprint ratio of the S-series from less than 0.1 square meters to 400 kilowatts, the equivalent of a sheet of A4 paper.

With the exception of the new 400 kilowatt S-Series, all Vital Electric Vehicle chargers will be available in a 1000 Volt variant.

Paua has added Connected Kerb to its network, and drivers using Paua’s Electric Vehicle charging solution can now find, charge and pay for charging services on the Connected Kerb charging network.

Paua’s network now includes 14,800 charging point connections across England and Wales.

Connected Kerb said recent contract signings will reach more than 2,500 in the coming weeks.

Ben Boutcher-West, chief data officer at Connected Kerb, said: “This is an essential part of enabling a full Electric Vehicle transition, supporting longer journeys and those that travel for work.”

Network Rail has installed 84 electric vehicle charging stations in its service car park at Edinburgh Waverley Station.

The rail network’s infrastructure manager said the points would provide enough power to fully charge vehicles “within three to four hours”.

The charging points are marked with green parking spaces and customers can pay for the service through the APCOA Connect app.

The installation of charging stations at the second busiest railway station in Scotland is the recent installation of 160 charging points at Reading, 111 at Manchester, 56 at Leeds and 56 at Welwyn Garden City. Part of the work of 41 charging stations.

Network Rail plans to install charging stations in about 10% of its 32 managed parking spaces, or about 780 parking spaces, by March 2024.

Commenting on the news, Network Rail Chief Environment and Sustainability Officer Jo Lewington said:

“As part of our wider Environmental Sustainability Strategy, we’re working towards delivering a low-emission railway and aiming to reach net-zero emissions by 2045 in Scotland and by 2050 in the rest of Britain.

“Supporting the move to electric vehicles is a key part of that. We hope that by providing affordable, efficient and reliable charging points we can encourage more electric vehicles onto the road and help promote healthier air in and around our stations.”

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