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Nissan Leaf

If you (or your “friends” at the bar) think Tesla invented mainstream electric cars, the Nissan Leaf is here to say something. While it wasn’t the first electric car to be sold, it was the first mass-produced car, and with over half a million units sold to date, it’s by far the best-selling car in the world. It happens to be the shape and size of a Golf, Astra or Focus, that you might want to ditch for the electric life. A lot of new Leafs sold also means a lot of used Leafs

Peugeot e-Traveller

Purchasing any type of human transport is quite a tricky problem these days. The rise of SUVs, both literally and metaphorically, has sadly sterilized a segment of cars that have long made us feel guilty. A well-designed MPV is as impressive on its own as a properly classified sports car. The premise of the Peugeot Traveler may be a bit simple – it’s a van with windows! But with 8 seats and a range of up to 148 miles, there’s no cleaner way to get a large group of kids around.


Powering a conventional car with plug-in power is the second time MG has become a cornerstone of China’s supplier of designed crossovers, not a rusted, leaky chrome sports car. The trick is good: Win over some older MGB-hungry youngsters with a cheap, no-frills electric car that’s priced and styled exactly like the showroom petrol version. No wonder MG’s sales are increasing every month.

Vauxhall Corsa-e

You’re learning to drive, so you want something simple and traditional that you can operate without fear. That’s where the Corsa-e comes in. It takes the proven electric powertrain technology of Peugeot and Citroën, and it has been built inside and out with a more rational design. Anyone who understands an automatic transmission will immediately understand this Corsa. Switching between multiple driving modes even adjusts peak power to different levels to help you progress. After passing the test, enjoy 134 horsepower.

Tesla Model S P100 ‘Ludicrous’

Has there been a car brand that broke into mainstream pop culture like Tesla? Except for Ferrari, we don’t think so. Everyone has strong and seemingly firm opinions about California electric vehicle startups, whether they’ve driven one or not. So if you want a final say in a bar debate about Elon’s car, it’s definitely going to involve car ownership. Not just any Tesla, but the company’s first “regular” car, the Model S, hits 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Not many Ferraris can do that.

Electric Car Top Ten

Porsche Taycan Turbo S

While the Taycan appears to be launched as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, the truth is slightly different. Of course, the top-of-the-line Turbo S hits 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and delivers more than 700 horsepower. But the real experience is much more than that. That said, we know and love the precise, predictable driving responses of the Porsche sports car, whose electronic music soundtrack adds novelty when you want it and amazing when you don’t. The boots aren’t huge, but you’ll have too much fun to care about. This is the best Electric Vehicle drive on the market. At least until the electric Cayman comes along.

Smart fortwo Cabrio

Is it ironic to flock to electric convertibles to enjoy a heatwave accelerated by global warming? Well, better late than never. Electric convertibles are a rare beast right now – good luck finding an original Tesla Roadster for sale – so your options are currently limited to cute city cars, namely the Fiat 500 or Smart fortwo. It won’t go very far and it won’t get there anytime soon. It’s best to get as much sunlight as possible.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Most of us have driven a Ford at some point in our lives. Whether our parents took us to school in the Sierra, we learned to drive the Fiesta, or landed a sweet Mondeo for our company car, no British car history is complete without this name. Very helpful, then, Ford’s first mainstream Electric Vehicle knocked it out of the park. Putting the Mustang badge on an electric SUV upset some people — sure — but the end product is a good one. really good. Is it time to bring the blue oval badge back into your life?

Hyundai Ioniq 5

It doesn’t have to look like a crossover, or it doesn’t have to look that big. It’s a great design trick to end them – the Ioniq 5 is a big deal. Just a style that mimics a vintage 1970s hatchback while looking a little futuristic. Well, it’s a car with a strangely fascinating paradox, but above all, it’s a comfortable, tech-laden thing to travel around, which is what most of us now expect from a family car. This is exactly where kids want to get out of the car in front of their friends instead of humbly hiding around the corner.

Mitsubishi i-Miev

So you hear that electric cars are the new thing. But you won’t get very far. Not fast either. It doesn’t matter how you look. Well, the i-Miev is here to break the very low bar you set for your first Electric Vehicle purchase. Of course, we’re being mean; it was a pioneer at the time, and its odd design and paltry 60-mile real-world range simply demonstrated the sheer pace of progress since its inception. The fact that it’s around £30,000 new suggests it’s also a good deal now.

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