UK plans to “attract foreign companies” with a new £200m investment., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
UK plans to “attract foreign companies” with a new £200m investment., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

UK plans to “attract foreign companies to set up bases” with a new £200m investment. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize for FREE!

The United Kingdom is hoping to become a world leader in electric vehicles and the UK plans to “attract foreign companies” to set up factories in the United Kingdom, as plans have been announced for a major push into manufacturing infrastructure.

China is still dominating the supply chain and manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Batteries, a situation which urgently needs addressing!

Britishvolt, a UK-based company currently building a large manufacturing facility in Northumberland, has now announced it will build a £200m battery expansion plant in the West Midlands. By creating new battery formats to make “higher-performing, production-ready and cheaper electric vehicle batteries”, the facility could revive the UK car industry, with companies such as Jaguar Land Rover reportedly looking abroad to meet its needs.

While Jaguar Land Rover has pledged to keep its factory and assembly facilities in the United Kingdom, they said they would “evaluate all options” when procuring batteries for vehicles.

The UK-based gigafactory could help attract more automakers to set up bases in the UK as more major carmakers announce plans to switch to electric vehicles.

Paul Franklin, property director at Britishvolt, said: “The Britishvolt effect and our business model can attract foreign car companies to establish a foothold in the United Kingdom.

“We are not only making batteries for the UK market, but we will also export to Europe as well.

“We hear rumours all the time of new electric vehicle companies coming to the United Kingdom.

“We have the technology, the people, the facilities to deliver best-in-class next-gen batteries to any customer that needs that.”

The new Prologis Hams Hall plant will enable the company to mass-produce batteries at its Gigaplant, which is expected to be operational in 2024.

Britishvolt has signed a letter of intent to supply Lotus Cars and Aston Martin Lagonda.

Ben Kilbey, the chief communications officer for Britishvolt said, “The pilot plant will also allow us to test and validate next-gen techniques and chemistries, along with management systems and processes, well before transferring best practices to the main production line.

“These processes are the quality controls for the age of the battery.

“These processes will help the testing of system capability and provide essential learnings before rolling them out in our gigaplant, as well as opportunities to train our teams in a controlled environment.

“These developments can help the United Kingdom be a market leader at producing truly low carbon, sustainable, battery cells.”

Experts have warned that unless there is a significant increase in battery investment in the United Kingdom, a massive exodus of carmakers to Europe and elsewhere could soon begin.

The United Kingdom, once the world’s second-largest car base, has fallen out of the top 15 in recent years.

Britishvolt however, remains optimistic, with Mr Franklin adding: “The Battery Corridor concept is further proof of the Britishvolt effect and will send a signal to the market that the United Kingdom is at the very vanguard of electrification.

“The scale-up facility in Hams Hall will offer state of the art battery cell production, creating the employment of the future and enhancing the existing UK battery ecosystem.

“It sends a positive message to the automakers that the United Kingdom remains a fantastic place to manufacture the vehicles of the future.”

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UK plans to “attract foreign companies” with a new £200m investment., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!