New app to access more car charging stations., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
New app to access more car charging stations., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

New app to access more car charging stations. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

Electric vehicle users will love the new app, which not only provides easy access to more charging points, but also helps the local community.

Socialcharge is the name of a new app that offers a solution to a key issue facing Electric Vehicle drivers – the lack of charging points

As Socialcharge Managing Director Lawrence Graham explains, not only are public charging stations limited – especially in rural areas – but the funding available tends to allow large companies to recoup their money without bringing any local businesses or individuals benefit.

However, so many people have charging stations at their homes or small businesses that can sit idle for most of the day. That’s where new apps come in. Socialcharge is a way to connect drivers to an existing charging source – and for those who own an Electric Vehicle charging station, it can be rented out – to make money and encourage Electric Vehicle use.

Automobile Association research shows that nearly seven in 10 consumers are reluctant to buy an electric vehicle due to a lack of charging points. There is currently only one public charging point for every 43 plug-in cars on UK roads (based on Zap Map and SMMT data). Research by Field Dynamics also shows that 24.6% of UK households do not have access to off-street parking – or 6,642,000 households will rely on public charging stations.

With the Socialcharge app, you no longer have to worry about running out of battery. The app provides instant access to the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, offering potentially over 20 million charging points at competitive prices in extremely convenient locations.

You can easily host and earn passive income by renting out your own chargers, setting prices and seamlessly accepting secure in-app payments from drivers in exchange for your electricity. All you need is a live parking space.

As a host, you support people in your area who switch to electric vehicles. In addition to its environmental benefits, Socialcharge supports the local economy, as a deal between hosts and drivers means money stays in the community and doesn’t go to big corporations – like some public street charging stations.

Socialcharge is supported by several organisations and the technical development of the app is part of a student project at the University of Northampton led by third year Computer Science student Oliver Moore.

The app works nationwide, covering the entire UK.

The app enables very competitive pricing: we assume that the cost of charging will be lower or close to that of public charging stations.

Hosts with chargers in popular locations can expect to earn hundreds of pounds a month passively. Socialcharge has been working hard to create a balanced financial ecosystem where hosts can earn the right amount and drivers can pay competitive prices while keeping the business profitable.

One of Socialcharge’s unique features is the ability to enter the make and model of the vehicle and it automatically filters the results on the charging map to show compatible chargers.

With Socialcharge, you can only reserve charging points for free during your scheduled visit time. The reservation system reserves space for you, unlike public charging stations where you may have to show up and wait.

As a host, you can refuse a booking if it is inconvenient. Hosts have full control over when their chargers are available for pre-order and accept or decline charging requests.

In the short term, the company will seek support from local and national authorities. Local authorities will see the benefits of the Socialcharge business model, which benefits the local economy by allowing a region to have a large number of charging points without the need for additional taxpayer-funded infrastructure.

The app will be available for download on Android and Apple devices in Autumn 2022. To show your interest and get notified when you’re ready and receive the latest updates search

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New app to access more car charging stations., Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!