£56 million public and industry funding for charging stations.

Gridserve hub opens on M25. Hub to have fastest electric vehicle chargers in the world. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

Located on the east side of the M25 motorway between exits 30 and 31, Moto Thurrock has a Gridserve hub of 12 new electric vehicle chargers. These chargers have the ability to provide up to 350kilowatts of power, which is more than most current electric cars need. In less than 15 minutes, the fastest charging vehicles could add 117 miles of range, more than enough to drive around London’s Orbital Motorway.

Approximately 200,000 cars per day use the M25. Moto is the largest service station operator in the UK.

Solar and battery farms produce renewable energy, which power the high-powered chargers. These chargers have zero carbon emissions.

Electric vehicles are exempt from vehicle excise duty and exempt from the London Congestion Zone and Ultra Low Emissions Zone, which are now charged seven days a week.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants the city to be zero-carbon by 2030, and many people are choosing electric vehicles to help bring down costs.

Approximately 74% of car or taxi trips that go around the M25 begin or end in London.

Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve, said: “We are committed to building a UK-wide charging network at a speed that will help give Electric Vehicle drivers the confidence they need to undertake any journey, irrespective of what electric vehicle they drive, and charge quickly, reliably and affordably.

“This is what is necessary to move the needle on climate change.

“Thurrock is further proof that we’re building on our partnership with Moto and we’ll continue to deliver more High Power Electric Gridserve hub locations throughout the year.”

The announcement comes as data shows Electric Vehicle drivers without on-street parking pay £1,000 more a year than drivers with a driveway.

A new study has shown that drivers charging their electric cars can spend almost £80 a month – or £1,000 a year – more than those with driveways.

Industry experts are now calling for lower VAT on public charging stations and lower off-peak tariffs.

The data from electrifying.com shows that even though energy costs are rising, drivers who have their own charge point at their home can still save thousands of pounds over the life of their car compared to people who have to use the public charging network.

This is partly due to the higher VAT rate of 20% on public charging stations and the cost of installing and maintaining the infrastructure.

The figures are based on a person driving a Volkswagen ID.3 10,000 miles a year, which would cost £13.75 a month if charged at home at a cheap overnight rate.

That compares to £91.75 a month at a public charging station, or 50p per kWh, the typical price for a DC fast charger found at a petrol station or supermarket rather than a Gridserve hub.

It is alleged that it could also make Electric Vehicles less attractive to drivers living in smaller buildings in cities, where zero-emission vehicles could have the biggest impact on air quality.

Almost half of drivers say they simply cannot afford an electric car, and more than 50 percent of older drivers rule out electric vehicles.

More than three-quarters of drivers do not trust the government not to make electric driving more expensive in the future.

The vast majority of drivers over the age of 55 believe the government will not take extra steps to make electric vehicles affordable for all.

Although this information is being distributed widely no one knows where this information has come from. The people who participated in the survey clearly don’t understand that over production of Electric Vehicles will bring down the cost anyway.

When Mercedes-Benz produced their first car in 1884 it was priced at £400, at the time the average British house cost £500. Today the average price of a car is £32,000 and the average cost of a house is £242,000.

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Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!
Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!