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Oman launches first Recharge electric vehicle charging station.


Oman launches first Recharge electric vehicle charging station.

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Shell Marketing Oman has opened its first electric vehicle charging station in Oman, the Al Bandar service station in Seeb. It has added a fast-charging station for electric vehicles to existing petrol stations to serve Electric Vehicle owners in the capital.

Oman launches the new ShellRecharge service which will enable customers to quickly recharge their electric vehicles and enjoy seamless journeys in and out of the city. The station already features an eco-friendly design with built-in solar panels in Shell Select stores, and now also comes with a 50 kilowatt charging station.

In addition to the comfortable waiting area and Shell Select convenience store, the site also features the latest Shell Café, Shell’s own coffee brand that is launching in a growing number of countries around the world.

At the inauguration, Shell Mobility Executive Vice President István Kapitány said: “Shell has a proud tradition of supporting Omani drivers and enhancing their journeys with products such as our premium Shell V-Power fuel and convenience products. I am delighted to have ShellRecharge launching in our front yard which opens a new chapter in Shell’s story in Oman. We designed the Al Bandar hub to provide the most convenient Electric vehicle charging experience. By integrating Shell Cafe, we also provide drivers with the opportunity to recharge yourself and your electric vehicle. Ultimately, Shell Mobility’s goal is to provide our customers with everything they need on the go, and this new location is the first step toward that goal.”

Dr. Mohammed Al Balushi, CEO of Shell Oman, expressed his delight at the launch of the new ShellRecharge at Al Bandar petrol station, saying: “ShellRecharge at Al Bandar petrol station marks a first on our electric vehicle roadmap and will redefine Oman electric vehicle charging. As a leader in our industry, Shell Oman will use its energy transition expertise to support Oman’s carbon control target plan, which is based on the Oman Vision 2040. We remain hopeful to work together with relevant authorities and stakeholders , to achieve the goals of the National Energy Strategy to accelerate the gradual transition to a low carbon economy and a low carbon energy matrix. At the same time, the launch of Shell Café demonstrates our commitment to developing our network and improving our products. We want to provide our customers with the best possible, a good experience. Our Shell Café offers them a comfortable rest and refreshment in a welcoming environment before they continue their journey.”

While 2021 has proven to be a pivotal year for global Electric Vehicle sales, Oman is expected to see commensurate growth as the range of new Electric Vehicle brands expands. This bodes well for companies investing in charging stations compatible with all electric vehicles, such as Shell’s Al Bandar charging station. Shell is committed not only to providing environmentally sustainable clean energy solutions, but also to raising community awareness of green alternatives.

Shell Recharge is the name of Shell’s fast-charging service for electric vehicles. Compatible with most electric vehicles, their Rapid 50kW DC charger can charge most cars from zero to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Customers pay for Shell Recharge easily and quickly using the Smoov app, a subscription-free mobile payment system. There are no subscription or connection fees; customers only pay for the electricity used to charge their cars. Until 30 June 2018, Shell offered an introductory offer – just 25p per kilowatt hour, compared to the regular price of 49p per kilowatt hour.

While waiting for their vehicles to recharge, customers can take advantage of Shell’s retail offerings, including Costa Coffee and Shell’s own Deli2Go range. Shell stations also offer free WiFi, so customers can check email and the latest news while waiting for their car to charge.

By the end of 2017 Shell Recharge operated sites at Shell Addlestone (Surrey), Shell Blendon (Kent), Shell Burgh Heath (Surrey), Shell Derby, Shell Fairfield (Reading), Shell Holloway (London), Shell Ickenham (London), Shell Stirling Cape (Hertfordshire), Shell West Drayton (London) and Shell Whyteleafe (Surrey). In 2018 Shell Recharge also became available in the Netherlands.

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Oman launches first Recharge electric vehicle charging station.
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