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Best 7 Seater Electric Vehicles 2022

It feels like almost no time has passed, as even the all-encompassing “best electric cars” article is a fairly brief overview of some vehicles. Not anymore, because the EV (electric vehicle) market is booming in terms of variety and sales.

In fact, it’s time to take a granular approach when it comes to deciphering which EVs deserve your attention. In this case, we’re looking at a seven-seater electric vehicle. Some of them are minivans, others are SUVs, and there are even sedans with a pair of rear-facing child seats.

Tesla is well represented here, as it is, of course, but Mercedes, Nissan and even Vauxhall also offer seven-seater EVs, and the retro-style, minibus-inspired Volkswagen ID Buzz is coming to roll out. The seven-seater EV you ultimately choose will largely depend on your budget.

As  with any electric vehicle, before buying, consider how easy it is for you to charge at home and whether the car’s range is suitable for your daily driving needs. Also, unless your reason for using an EV is purely ethical, consider whether the lower running costs (i.e. cheaper “fuel”, maintenance, VED and company car tax) compared to a petrol or diesel car would offset the higher cost of an EV high purchase price.

Best electric seven-seaters 2022

Coming soon

We’ve rounded up the current seven-seat SUV contenders below. Since this is a fast-moving market, we’ve also added a section for upcoming cars. Yes, back to the dream electric supercar group test..

Best 7 Seater Tesla Model X

£90,980 to £110,980

The ultimate seven-seater electric car – the current Model X is a car of contrasts. Its soapy styling is rather bland…until you open the Falcon Wing back door and it lifts electrically like a concept. It feels big and heavy…until you put your feet down and accelerate faster than a supercar. And it’s starting to feel old…but after six years on sale, there’s still nothing quite like it. Thankfully, the Model X is certainly not a van with windows. This is important in a class where practicality trumps glamour.

You can choose between five, six or seven seats, and two powertrains: Long Range (0-60 mph, 3.8 seconds, 360 mile range) and Plaid (2.5 seconds, 340 mph). That said, Tesla’s updated Model X (and Model S) hasn’t reached UK shores as of late 2021, with its yoke-style steering wheel, new interior trim, and plaid performance upgrades. When the latter finally lands here, expect a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds. really.

Access to Tesla’s Supercharger network is a real boon, with charging speeds up to 120kW and a full charge in less than an hour. As for driving, it’s a point-and-shoot experience — it’s not a car you’d be scrambling to buy on the B-road — and it favors comfortable ruggedness. Still, if you want a seven-seater EV and are on a budget in the six-figure range, the Model X is unique.

Best 7 Seater Mercedes-Benz EQB


Mid-size electric SUV Discover the battery-powered version of the Mercedes GLB. The EQB doesn’t look like a shrunken G-Wagen, but rather its square-jaw-burning cousin — in fact, it’s almost bland. Still, thanks to the optional 20-inch alloys and rose gold trim on the dash and air vents, this SUV is clearly a better Rodeo Drive fit than the Rubicon Trail.

Unlike the rival Audi Q4 e-Tron and BMW iX3, the EQB offers seven standard seats. Stuttgart says the third row will fit anyone under 5-foot-4, so full-size adults might struggle to fold themselves into place. The top-of-the-line EQB 350 4Matic is the first member of the range, boasting 288bhp and 260 miles of range. Up to 100kW DC charging is also available, which means topping up to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes. If you’re looking for the German answer to the Tesla Model Y (which doesn’t have a seven-seat option in the UK), then the EQB is for you.

Best 7 Seater Mercedes-Benz EQV


A box of snacks (for your passengers) The Mercedes V-Class is the upward-moving MPV beloved by luxury hotels and spa resorts. The new EQV combines the same luxury cabin with a 201bhp electric motor and 90kWh battery. And of course, don’t forget the zero tax on gains in kind. Put it on the floor like an 18-year-old parking valet and you’ll hit 62 mph in 12.1 seconds. Or try to maintain a 213-mile range like a middle-class mom. Either way, a 110kW charge to 80% takes 45 minutes, while a 7.4kW home wallbox takes 11 hours to fully charge.

This is a Mercedes that will never make an AMG version, but you can boost brake regeneration by pulling the paddles — effectively turning the EQV into a one-pedal drive. Anyway, stop being selfish: this car is about your passengers. Flick the power sliding doors and they’ll find seven individual seats, as well as space that dwarfs the S-Class. A refined ride and quiet powertrain also help reduce mileage, while the top-spec Sport Premium Plus adds air suspension and a Burmester sound system.

Best 7 Seater Peugeot e-Rifter


Affordable MPV Integrates into family life The world of MPVs is more incestuous than ancient Rome – and maybe less fun. On the plus side, bringing us the common origin of Peugeot e-Rifter, Citroën e-Berlingo and Vauxhall Combo-e Life does mean more options, especially when it comes to getting discounts from your Stellantis dealer of choice Time. We chose the Peugeot because prices for the Citroen and Vauxhall have not been announced at the time of writing. But rest assured, all three will cost around £27,000 after the government’s £2,500 plug-in car grant.

For this modest outlay, you get five to seven seats, and enough potential luggage space to swallow the crossover. Power comes from a 134bhp electric motor and a 50kWh battery: 0-62mph in just 11.2 seconds and a range of 171 miles. A DC charge to 80% takes 30 minutes on the road, or 7.5 hours with a home wall speaker. The driving experience is similar to a van (weird, that one), so distract you with the standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections. There is also a long wheelbase version if you need more space.

Best 7 Seater Tesla Model S

£83,980 to £139,980

Fast-paced and small space Okay, we have expanded the definition of seven seats here, but Tesla Model S has a pair of rear-facing jumping seats for kids or people you don’t particularly like. It is also an electric car to a large extent, perhaps the most authoritative electric car in modern times. The Porsche Taycan is praised for its dynamic capabilities, but nothing can compare to Tesla in terms of straight-line speed. Choose the 615bhp Performance Ludicrous specification and you will reach 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds. After that, your passengers may not like you.

Despite its launch in 2014, the generic styling, minimalistic cabin and regular over-the-air software updates make Tesla feel modern. While buyers now pay to use the Supercharger network (early adopters of the Model S get unlimited free charging), its speed and convenience remain unmatched. An electric range of 396 miles — even more so for the outgoing Plaid model — is also industry-leading. As our review put it: “This remains the only EV that can travel across continents without serious prior planning.”

Best 7 Seater Nissan e-NV200 Combi

£27,855 to £31,815

Used makes more sense. You won’t be surprised to learn that the e-NV200 Combi doesn’t have a Ludicrous mode. In fact, the top speed is 76 mph, barely exceeding the legal limit. Driving is as vague as a politician’s press conference and as exciting as a politician’s press conference. In Nissan’s defense, it’s affordable — especially when discounts are factored in. It’s also based on the Leaf’s tried-and-true foundation, so reliability should be perfect. Ride comfort is good and should please your customers.

Customer? Yes, of all the seven-seater EVs here, this one feels the most like a cab. As far as the seven-seater theme goes, Nissan’s last two chairs are flip-up side items mounted in the trunk. Files under “Occasional Use Only”. In fact, the new wave of electric MPVs has surpassed the e-NV200 with its 40kWh battery and 124-mile range. As a used purchase, it mostly makes sense, with a low-mileage example under £20,000.

Best 7 Seater Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life


Spartan or luxury, depending on spec Curb your excitement, this is the Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life – also known as the Citroen e-SpaceTourer and Peugeot e-Traveller. Here, the Vivaro gets our vote for its two different trim levels. The £32,495 Combi comes with 16-inch steel wheels, cloth seats, air conditioning and a four-speaker DAB radio. Extending to the £49,465 Elite, you get 17-inch alloys, leather, sat-nav, three-zone climate control, parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, a panoramic sunroof and more. We prefer the back-to-basics option.

In the face of the laughter of most seven-seaters, the Vauxhall can seat up to nine people. Access is easy thanks to the power sliding doors on the sides, while the luggage compartment is spacious even with all the seats in place. You can also specify up to six Isofix mounting points for child car seats: enough to start your own team of five (including a sub). The same 134bhp electric motor and 50kWh battery found in the smaller Combo-e Life push the shed-sized Vivaro to 62mph in 13.1 seconds. A full charge has a range of 143 miles. Excited?

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Best 7-Seater Electric Vehicles 2022
Best 7-Seater Electric Vehicles 2022