EPA gives BMW iX xDrive50 up to 324 miles of range, Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
EPA gives BMW iX xDrive50 up to 324 miles of range, Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

EPA gives BMW iX xDrive50 up to 324 miles of range. Subscribe to Electric Vehicle News Bitesize Podcast for FREE!

BMW North America has just announced the EPA rating of its flagship BMW iX model. According to the press release, the BMW iX xDrive50 EPA gives rating of 324 miles (20-inch wheels), 305 miles (21-inch wheels), and 315 miles (22-inch wheels).

MSRP starts at US$83,200, plus Destination’s US$995, and is expected to be launched in the US market in the first quarter of 2022. More powerful iX M60 models with more than 600 horsepower will be launched later, EPA gives no rating for that vehicle at the moment.

The BMW iX xDrive50 has two electric motors distributed between the two axles, which can generate 70 kilowatts (500 horsepower) and is powered by a battery pack greater than 100 kilowatt-hours. It is said that the 0-60 mph acceleration time of the BMW iX xDrive50 is less than 5 seconds.

For example, plugging a BMW iX xDrive50 into a fast charging station and charging 10% can increase its cruising range by up to 90 miles in just 10 minutes at 195 kW. Using the same fast charger, it takes less than 40 minutes to increase the state of charge of the high-voltage battery from 10% to 80%.

The curb weight of the middle iX model is 5,659 pounds. Another important indicator of the life span of the crossover/SUV is the payload. For the iX xDrive50, BMW announced a data of 1,054 pounds.

The body color list is quite diverse: Alpine White, Gem Black Metal, Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect Metal, Mineral White Metal, Phytonic Blue Metal, Blue Ridge Mountain Metal, BMW Individual Storm Bay Blue Metal and BMW Individual Aventurine Red Metal.

In terms of wheels, BMW iX uses a variety of stylish aerodynamic wheel designs with sizes of 20 inches, 21 inches or 22 inches, as shown below:

22″ Aerodynamic Wheels 1020 with Bicolor 3D polished finish

22″ Aerodynamic Wheels 1021 with Multicolor 3D polished finish

21″ Aerodynamic Wheels 1010 with Bicolor 3D polished finish

21″ Aerodynamic Wheels 1011 with Bicolor look

21″ Aerodynamic Wheels 1012 with 3D polished finish

20″ Aerodynamic Wheels 1002

Running the new OS 8, the latest BMW iDrive will make the journey even more personal and immersive. Innovative sensors and artificial intelligence bring the driver closer to the vehicle, while enhanced interfaces such as voice and gesture control and BMW Curved Display are a seamless bridge to your digital life. Additionally, anticipated driver-oriented designs, such as the latest aesthetic control panels, are about to reap even more rewards and luxury for the adventure.

Thanks to new digital innovations, BMW iX provides ultra-modern connectivity and is the first car to be equipped with 5G as standard.

The Driver Assistance Professional Edition provides the best convenience and safety in critical or monotonous traffic conditions. It is just one of many driver assistance systems provided as a standard feature. Others include steering and lane guidance assist with extended functions, emergency steering assist, and lane keeping assist with side collision warning. There is also Parking Assistant Plus, which can help parking and maneuvering. It uses a large number of cameras to provide you with a complete display of objects around the vehicle-also a 3D display.

The elegant touch makes the new BMW iX different from any other vehicle. Embracing futuristic and streamlined shapes, it combines minimalist planes and expressive elements; you can get from excellent 22-inch Air Performance wheels and slim dual headlights and taillights (the thinnest model in the BMW series) ) See this. Other style elements include exterior mirrors, electric integrated door openers and graphic windows, all of which blend harmoniously with the overall appearance.

The Shy Tech concept is passenger-centric, allowing the modern technology in the BMW iX to blend into the background until it is needed or clearly needed. This intangible intelligence can be experienced in many external and internal details-such as the kidney grille, which acts as a smart surface containing camera technology, radar functions, state-of-the-art sensor technology and heating elements. Other examples include the invisible embedded speakers of the audio system and the minimalist button design of the interior.

Sitting on the new BMW iX feels like the future. The exquisite and relaxing atmosphere is full of high-tech and luxurious comfort, redefining the joy of travel. The redesigned seats, including the new leisure seats in the rear, have a refined asymmetrical diagonal design with additional contrasting seams. Other stylish elements include a transparent smart center console that replaces buttons with sensors and is equipped with iDrive touch controllers with high-quality glass optics.

With BMW iX and BMW Charging, you can enjoy many customized charging discounts at home, on the go and at work. And the impressive charging performance allows you to fill 74 miles of cruising range in just 10 minutes at the public IONITY high-power charging station, or to fill the entire cruising range in less than 40 minutes.

The complete use of renewable energy in the production process, and the use of natural and recycled materials internally, make iX BMW the most sustainable car to date. From Castanea leather tanned with natural olive leaves to 100% Econyl foot pads, every detail in the entire life cycle is not only taken into consideration, but also helps to create the ultimate driving machine for the new generation.

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EPA gives BMW iX xDrive50 up to 324 miles of range, Electric Vehicle News Bitesize
EPA gives BMW iX xDrive50 up to 324 miles of range