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Falkirk bus Manufacturer Alexander Dennis has begun work building 150 Electric buses for Glasgow.

The vehicles are arriving in batches. The company has set a target for all buses to be on the road by early 2023!

Set up in 2004. Investment was provided by Noble Grossart, David Murray, Brian Souter and Ann Gloag. By 2015 Alexander Dennis had signed an agreement with BYD to buy Electric bus chassis. Since 2021 the company now builds its own electric chassis.

In 2018 the companies Revenue was a very lucrative £631 million. In 2019 their market was 50 percent. Alexander Dennis sold to NFI Group in a takeover worth a staggering £320 million. Number of employees is now 2500.

The company has a very lucrative partnership in Australia. Alexander Dennis and Nexport will start building buses in 2022.

If you enjoy transport mueseums the company is building one in Farnborough in Hampshire. The exciting mueseum is expected to open in early 2022.

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Glasgow Electric Bus News
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